Wednesday, August 18, 2010

first blog EVER!!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally have started this blog. It was hard getting motivated about it, having doubts about 
"who wants to listen to what I have to say" and 
"whatever I write won't be good enough" but what the hell! 

I made my first etsy sale yesterday so I was confident enough and figured I needed to celebrate. Cheers! 
Here's my first sale...

It's a vase and I thought he was so cute when I picked him up. I hope he is going to a home that will love him dearly. Anyway, this is the reason I am starting my blog. This is what has got me rollin.

So here it is, the start of something new for me, and hopefully something BIG.

You see, I've been on etsy since December of 2009. The main reason I joined was to buy these amazing earrings for my sister, Kim for Christmas.

At that time, I had just been finishing my bachelors degree and job searching seemed to be stressing me out. Not a good time to start an etsy shop. One does not know the importance of dedication for etsy success when first signing up.

Now that I know it takes major commitment to make an etsy shop pay off, it has been easier. The hard part is finding the time in my busy schedule to make items to sell, take great pictures of those items and post them on etsy with a thoughtful description.

My ultimate goal is to do etsy full-time and not be stuck in an office job for the rest of my life and do what I love...


It's going to be an interesting journey and I hope you can join me as I uncover the path to happiness via etsy!


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