Thursday, August 19, 2010

it feels like friday...nope, it's thursday

Blog #1 is down...easy peasy! Onto #2!

So I'm sitting here at work. Everyone has left for the day. I am on the verge of either nodding off or going crazy! Browsing the web, I'm coming across all these fantastic craft ideas that I wish I could be doing right now but then the payroll and billing would never get done.

Oh yeah, and more importantly, I wouldn't get paid!

It's nice having this job security thing going on, until September at least. Right now, I am only covering for someone on medical leave and she is expected back depending on how she feels. I wish I could stay longer. It really is a great office to be working at, but I definitely need something more out of employment than just a paycheck every two weeks. I constantly ponder about making a living from what I literally make.

Anywho, browsing around I found a new blog to follow and this super cool site she uses for her pregnancy tracking and other fun family stuff: Widdly Tinks
I am definitely a dreamer when it comes to thoughts of weddings, babies, and family! I want 4 kids least that's the number now.

Who knows how much I will be able to actually handle after I start having them. And oddly enough 4 has been my favorite number since I was a child for some reason so maybe that means something.

Like I was saying, this super cute website has family silhouettes you can create with their template. I decided to peer into the future by using my lovely boyfriend of five years, Jeremy, and our 4 unborn children. (Is that creepy? Sounds creepy) Oh well, I love dreaming about babies. I've loved babies my whole life and cannot wait to have children with him.

How frickin cute is that?!?!

Well it's almost 5pm and I've been going back and forth between work and blog and it's time to wrap it up here. I'll be back soon!

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