Wednesday, May 18, 2011

nyc bound t-minus 18 days! eeeeeeeeeeekkk! i am ecstatic because
1. we are road-tripping
2. jeremy has never been there
3. i will see my sister because she lives there

I've been blog searching to find interesting things to do because there is so much to choose from, I want it to be special for us.  So far I found some great ideas at no big dill and here and here. We will definitely be going here, to Graceland Brooklyn, a tattoo shop/salon where my sister works. Maybe I'll get my first tattoo, but we'll see, I'm reaaaally indecisive about those things. If I decide to get something, it'll be no more than the size of a nickel.

We bought a new Canon REBEL for the occasion.  So far, it takes amazing pics and I can't wait to introduce it to the diverse world of NYC.
 Here's my favorite picture I've taken so far (the weather has been nasty rainy on the weekends and I'm still waiting for some prime sunshine to really get some good shots).
These are the fuchsias I bought my mom for mother's day. They are so lovely even when they haven't bloomed.

Despite the lack of permitting picture-taking weather, I was still able to take some great pictures for my etsy shop. I'm working hard to try and get things moving along. I set up a facebook page for August Rain on etsy. If you click the "like" button to the right, I will give you 15% off your first purchase at August Rain. Write on the wall for details and the coupon code.

I'm working on some other projects so stay tuned for some tutorials to come. Here's a sneak peak:
Crochet headband for adults

Crochet headband for kids
They are super easy to make and there's a simple pattern at CreativeYarn.
She calls for a size 4 crochet hook, but where I live, I could only find 4.25 so I made some adjustments to the pattern. I'll post on this tomorrow along with my own tutorial version.


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