Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I recently found out that I will have no job as of September 13th! I've been hunting like mad for the next place of employment. My options are slim. It is quite possible I can be utilized in a doctor's office at the hospital I currently work for but...... I can't stand it there. I know, a job is a job and I am very thankful but my true desire for employment lies elsewhere. A friend of mine and I have been discussing starting up a retail/art/coffee/tea/pie/pastries shop for a few weeks now but there's no way in hell we would qualify for a small business loan in this crappy Michigan economy.

Therefore, I resort to making hats and attending the Fulton Street Artist Market and craft shows and etsy. I've had 2 sales on etsy and it got me pumped but action. I'm still getting things in my shop in time for christmas shopping to begin. Yuck, who wants to think of winter already? Not this girl.

Here's a crochet hat that I made and listed in my etsy shop (pattern coming soon):

I love the 1920s look of the low flower over the ear. I make alot of hats like this, usually with a nice big button in the center of the flower. Hopefully I will have some free time soon and be able to write up a simple pattern for this hat. But as for now, it's all in my head.
Visit my etsy shop on the right sidebar to see more of this hat and watch for others I post this fall.

I really need to crank out some hats starting now so I am ready for the cool weather when it comes and people start going crazy for fall/winter clothes. My eyes are stinging from lack of sleep due to working, cro-ing (shortened verb for crocheting), and etsy-ing.

It's a beautifully gloomy day and I wish I were cro-ing at the local apple orchard, sipping cider and eating a pumpkin spice donut, but I must get back to work.


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